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Alexandria Crow – From the Inside Out

Ever wondered how your individual anatomy impacts on your yoga practice?  Do you wonder why some yoga poses just don’t feel right for you?

Alex Crow, from Columbus Ohio, is coming to Scotland for the first time to run a series of Yoga workshops at The Albert Halls, Stirling.  Alex is an internationally respected yoga teacher and anatomy expert.  Alex is in high demand worldwide for her yoga physics workshops, she regularly contributes to Yoga Journal and has appeared as a yoga expert on Oprah Winfrey”s TV network, OWN.

Spend a weekend learning about the practice of yoga by looking at the inner workings of yogic philosophy, the body, and the mind so that the practice becomes personal effective and wise.  You will learn more about your anatomy, your range of motion and how these relate to the postures given in your yoga class.  At the end of the workshop you will be able to confidently adapt your practice in a way that is wise for your own body.  Absolutely, suitable for all levels!  Sure to be a fun, fascinating and informative weekend.

Sunday 10am – 1pm  Wrists, Elbows and Shoulders
Cost £45

Asana can and does injure students’ wrists, elbows and shoulders far too often, but it’s something that can be avoided. There are some basic skeletal issues that need to be understood in relation to the upper extremities and shoulders as they impact poses where body weight is placed on the hands. We will begin with at least an hour long asana class designed to allow students to explored these regions of their body in both weight bearing and non-weight bearing poses. Class will be followed by a lecture where the anatomy and mechanics of these joint regions will be explored and discussed and students individual range of motion and strength will be looked at as it relates to common postures in class allowing them to learn how to modify and work with wisdom for their own unique physicality.

Sunday 2pm – 5pm  Shoulders and Spine
Cost £45

In a similar fashion to the hip and spine, the shoulder and spine also participate in a partnership
that can help strengthen and stabilize those regions preventing injury when functioning properly. Drawing on the information from the earlier modules while adding in newly learned information in this workshop, students will start with an asana practice with the full body in mind and bring all of the pieces together. We will then dissect the shoulder girdle and spine as they relate to inversions and backbends that may have previously been out of reach from an understanding of your own unique structure. We will also look at how twists function within the spine and how to approach them with the underlying layers of the body in mind. At the end of this workshop students will know their own unique body, it’s range, and how to work with it with wisdom in any asana class they attend.

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